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Location: AMATH-UCS
IP Address:
Public IP Address:
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 64Bit
Domain: Standalone
Passwords in Secret Server: YES

Services Installed: IIS, ASP.NET Core, PowerShell scripts for RAVE People file upload

Setup Information

IIS, ASP.NET Core, and Directory Web App
IIS 8 is installed. ASP.NET framework was installed as a feature of IIS during installation. ASP.NET Core is a separate software install downloaded from Microsoft that is not integrated into the Windows Server Manager. The directory web app has a particular setup in IIS. Pay attention to the application pool. This web app is published from Visual Studio 2015 using the Web Publishing tool. The web app repository is located in a private github.

To restart the web app, you can stop and start from the IIS gui.

RAVE People File Upload Scripts
This server also runs two scripts which automate our rave-people.csv file upload to RAVE Alert. The scripts are located in C:\RAVE-Uploader. The first script, get_rave_people.ps1, is a PowerShell script that queries the skc_rave_extract_emplye_stdnt_v view on OCTAVIUS. It then converts this to a csv file, removes the “‘s , removes the first line, which contains the column names, and then saves the file to rave-people.csv. The second file, rave_webdev_uploader, loads this file to the RAVE Alert SKC WebDAV share for processing. The first script is scheduled in Windows Task Scheduler to run at 1:30 AM. The second script is scheduled to run at 2:00 AM. These can be editing by right clicking on the file name and selecting Notepad++.

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